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I recently switch hosting provider. Now when I mean hosting provider, I mean that I also resell web site hosting. I have always kept hosting my own web sites since I created an Internet Services company named VEGACOM Internet Services in 1991. In 1996 I sold my company but kept hosting my personal sites and families sites also. See,,,,, etc…

Since 1996 I have switched hosting provider 4 times, and 3 of those times is within the last 6 months. I will name those companies here because I cannot believe what is happening in the services support of the major companies out there.  I have always trusted my domain names to be maintained at, that said, I cannot say the same for their web hosting services. My original provider was Everything was fine with them, but their range of services and usability was limited and I had reoccurring downtime as well as poor support from them. I would have been happy to stay with them but I needed more up to date software access and they did not offer much.

I left them for SeekDotNet. Ouch, this is where I discovered what support was like when having a translator software to change from English to what knows other language the support team talked. This is when I realized that the support services were probably outsourced to China or India somewhere where they did not have English language skills and very little technical skills to help me out. They never ever were able to help me with anything, and when they decided to update their servers or change whatever software they were using, they did not warn us or admitted doing it. I’m fine with updates as long as they work and don’t change my settings for my site that I can’t even change myself without opening a support thicket with them!!! After a couple of months and $1200 later, I decided it was enough, I switched again.

This time, I said, I’m going to try a reliable company that has been out there a while. Lets go with OnlineNic, since they have been providing me with domain name services for over 15 years, they are quite mature in the market… Pffff!!! Well that was totally wrong. Its been two months now and I still can’t get my MySQL ODBC port on the server working and they think its my end. I almost believed them until I used multiple sites like to verify that their port for the MySQL database was open… well everywhere I tried from, it indicated they had not open up the port 3306. For the past two months, I have been trying to tell them that what the problem is. They can’t even answer me properly and completely. They seem to be going around the problem and indicating other things for me to try… What the??? The port is closed. Final. Man, I just quit them this month. There should be a blacklist for these companies. That goes without saying much about the phone companies and cable companies using the same China or India outsource services. As a business man, I never liked the idea for doing so in the first place, even if they save millions. That’s just means in the end, that the companies services will become “more competitive” cheaper, then on a wider economy, remove 10 of thousands jobs from our market, driving our salary lower, therefore decreasing everyone power of purchase therefore also putting pressure on the price of their products etc… etc…

Now I’m with SiteGround and let me tell you, all my questions have been professionally answered so far. Their panels and management system as been working beyond my expectations. Two thumbs up guys!

Well there it is, now I have to keep maintaining my personal site and remake it completely. No more business stuff, only tinkering “STUFF”.

Patrick Miron, Tinkerer



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DragonAngel (Oct 02, 2017)

Well it seem like this little text of mine get’s a lot of traffic, but the repliers are a bunch of spamming idiots. Hopefully I will have more time to continue this little blog soon.